The Greka: when timeless Greek becomes modern

Our brand is based in the south of France.

Its ambition: To condense all the richness of Greek culture in the form of jewelry, accessories and designer pieces.

Driven by this desire, the designer of the House offers you a selection of timeless, minimalist and elegant pieces made in Greece with ♥️!

Steps of creation:

  • Inspiration

    Several times a year, the creator of Greka travels to Greece, her country of birth. A single objective in mind: to concoct trendy jewelry with a timeless finish, the fruit of ancient tradition and the know-how of contemporary craftsmen.

  • Workshops

    Our craftsmen can be found all over Greece but most of them in the "sokakia" (souk) of Athens.

    You will hold in your hand, on your finger, around your neck, a unique piece, created by ancestral techniques.

    The raw materials are of high quality and carefully chosen to ensure the shine for a longer duration.

  • Collier Alexandros Triple

    The making

    Since the creation of the brand, our first priority has been to invest in the quality, not only of our jewels but also of the production conditions.

    For this reason, all our jewels are made in workshops in Athens.

  • The Materials

    Our craftsmen and designers, are skilled and have many years of experience in the jewelry business and this is how our production team is able to source a wide variety of semi-precious stones and gemstones. metals.

    So you can be sure that the jewelry design you choose is not only unique and of high quality, but also safe for your skin and your health.

  • The design

    Our collaborators are designers based in Greece and each of their models is made with great care.

  • The final touch

    At the final stage of production, your jewels and you are about to meet!

    For the occasion, we slip them into a small pouch / case intended to protect them, themselves carefully handcrafted in Greece.

    Our packaging is entirely made of recyclable, recycled and reusable materials.