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Narkissos Ring

Narkissos Ring

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Adjustable ring, data-mce-fragment<="1> gold plated, shaped narcissus handmade by our craftsmen.

It is decorated with (choice):

- a ruby; its color evokes fire and this gem symbolizes courage, bravery or divine love.

-a peridot; the stone of the sign of Leo, is a symbol of wisdom.

- a sapphire; is traditionally a symbol of truth, wisdom, fidelity and of peace.

- an opal; the Greeks considered opal to be a bearer of hope and a symbol of purity.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus is endowed with great beauty which is worth to him to have all men and women at his feet.

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MATERIAL: 18K Gold Plated Brass
TYPE OF STONE: Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire and Opal


Made in Greece with love ♡


SIZE: Adjustable

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