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Toxotis Pendant

Toxotis Pendant

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Stainless pendant, gold plated, with the astrological sign of "Sagittarius" and its fine chain, handmade by our craftsmen.

The word "sagittarius" means "archer" (from the Latin "sagitta", arrow), hence the fact that this sign is represented with a figure carrying a bow and arrows. In ancient myths, Sagittarius is often equated with a Centaur, but others see it as a representation of Chiron, the guardian of the dead. Its constellation, already known by Ptolemy in ancient times, is located between Capricorn (to the east) and Ophiuchus (to the west).

The perfect gift for a warm, bold and generally noticed personality.


MATERIAL: 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
TYPE OF STONES: Turquoise and transparent Zircons


Made in Greece with love ♡


LENGTH: 49 + 4cm

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