Symbols are stories

HERMES: The Greek god Hermes was the great messenger of the gods, who could travel between kingdoms on his winged sandals. A brilliant mind and traveler, he directed travel and trade.

The ancient Greeks credited Hermes with inventing some of the most remarkable and important tools of human civilization. These include writing and the alphabet (very useful for conveying messages), fire, dice and musical instruments.

As a messenger of the gods, he was responsible for carrying messages between the mortal and divine worlds.

SELENE: The moon is one of the most powerful symbols of all time. Honored since ancient times, the cycles of the moon served as a point of reference for changing seasons, agricultural work and spiritual celebrations.

The moon governs our emotional world and our intuition, highlighting the feminine and receptive part of the psyche.
A universal symbol, both feminine and lyrical, has always been the cornerstone of our collection, manifesting itself in diverse and captivating forms.

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