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Kressida Pendant

Kressida Pendant

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Pendant and its chain, handmade by our craftsmen.

The pendant is in the shape of a medal with "mati" = Greek protective eye, decorated with zircon stones.

Kressida is a feminine given name that means "precious as gold" in Greek.

The evil eye was a recurring theme in Greek antiquity. According to Plutarch, they were a source of negative energy that could harm others. The Kressida medallion is intended to serve as a talisman against any bad energy.

"Valid as gold"! Another classic pendant to add to your collection!

Wear it with the other pendants of the Greka and create your own "Greek" style! 

Also find the other pieces of the collection "Mati", Greek lucky charm.


MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver 24K gold plated / 925 Sterling Silver
TYPE OF STONES: Blue Zircons and Clear Zircons


Made in Greece with love ♡


SIZE: Chain length:
40cm - silver &
50 cm - gold
Pendant 2cm

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