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Leon Pendant

Leon Pendant

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Pendant and its chain, handmade by our craftsmen.

The coin has two sides. The head of a lion and the front half of an ox. 

Leon is a given name of Greek origin - the Greek "λέων", which means "lion", which is a symbol of courage and majesty.

Taken up as a symbol of strength in ancient Greece, the representation of the lion serves as a "guardian". 

The representation of the ox is associated with the cult of Hera, to whom the white cows were offered as a sacrifice.

It is a symbol of abundance, fertility and wealth.

Wear it with the other jewels of the Antique Collection and create your own "Greek" style!


MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver 24K Gold Plated


Made in Greece with love ♡


SIZE: LENGTH: 40 cm and Piece of 2 cm

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